Digital Cleanup Campaign

The global information and communication industry which delivers internet, video, audios and other cloud services are responsible for 3.5% of global emissions. The approximate carbon footprint of devices, internet and supporting systems is 3.7% of the global greenhouse emissions (equal to the airline industry). This amount predicted to be doubled at 2025. It is estimated that in next decade the internet network will produce 20% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Even a small task occurs with internet such as google query accounts a certain amount of greenhouse gas emission because every unique query gets connected with multiple servers. Like material waste, digital applications and files also create waste – namely, the unused, outdated and unnecessary apps, files and even webpages which unfortunately also affects real life by consuming energy and contributing to production of greenhouse gases.


This digital trash creates digital pollution that continues to consume energy even when we have forgotten it. Digital trash sits in the backups on servers that provide us with cloud service and continue consuming electricity. It also increases the device processing time and user searching time.


Through this program, we invite users to delete all unnecessary files, apps, photos and videos from our storage spaces from our Smartphones, tablets, Laptops, PCs and Servers. By regularly cleaning of digital data in devices, following environmental benefits can be achieved.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions
  • Reduce electricity Consumption
  • Indirectly reduce the e-waste generation

Not only to environment, but also the user also gets the opportunity to experience certain benefits from this process.

  • Extending the life of our electronic gadgets
  • Clears storage spaces in devices
  • Increase the efficiency of devices
  • Organize available data for easy management