The Green Building Council of Sri Lanka is a consensus-based not for profit organization with diverse and integrated representation from all sectors of the property industry, environment and academia.
This was established with a joint effort by the professional institutions of architects, engineers, structural engineers, town planners, quantity surveyors, university academics, construction industry leaders, environmentalists and business leaders. Our aim is to transform the Sri Lanka construction industry with green building practices and to fully adopt sustainability as the means by which our environment thrives, economy prospers and society grows to ensure the future wellbeing of our motherland.
We believe green buildings are a cost-effective solution for carbon reduction, job creation, and innovation. We provide the building sector with innovative standards, verification services, education, and training.
Currently the green building concept and practices are rapidly expanding in some industrial sectors although it is not widespread in the construction sector in Sri Lanka as a whole. However, it is evident that business owners are now searching for more efficient buildings to reduce staggering cost of maintenance and and operational expenses. Many buildings including office complexes, hotels, factories, sports complexes, houses, apartment buildings, school buildings, hospitals, high-rise buildings, archives buildings etc.
throughout Sri Lanka have been so far certified under the GREENSL® Rating System of the GBCSL. In addition, many building materials and building related products have been certified as Green Labeled Products. Number of green building consulting companies, construction companies and business organizations involved in environmental services etc. has been registered with the GBCSL as service providers in the green building sector. Corporate sector organizations Including many corporate giants have obtained the Corporate Membership of the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to transform the construction industry in Sri Lanka with green building practices and fully adopt sustainability as the means by which our environment flourishes, economy prospers and society grows to ensure the future wellbeing of our motherland.
The Mission of the Green Building Council of Sri Lanka is to develop the sustainability of the built environment by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated and drive the adoption of green building practices through market-based solutions, while helping to forge a new partnership between government, industry and other stakeholders.
The GBC Sri Lanka is a member of the World Green Building Council, which represents a large number of countries ranging from developed to developing nations world-wide, making it the world's largest Green movement. The World Green Building Council has provided us with an important non-political global leadership and forum to discuss and share green knowledge and skills and to promote sustainable transformation of the global property industry.